New exhibition Krimml Worlds of Water

House of Water

Hous of Water – Krimml Worlds of Water

Multifaceted water and health exhibition

The Haus des Wassers (Eng. “House of Water”) is located opposite the waterfall centre, where you can purchase your affordable combined ticket for all attractions of the Krimml Worlds of Water The exhibition is mainly about communicating knowledge. Here you’ll learn everything about the wet element, which plants, animals and humans all need to survive and thrive. But how many litres of water does a person need per day? What effect does global warming have on the world’s water reserves? Home many litres of water does the average Central European use up per day and how many cubic metres of water whoosh down the Krimml Waterfalls on a daily basis? Numbers, data and facts descriptively illustrate how important water is for all life on earth.

New exhibtion "Faces of Water"

The new exhibition "Faces of Water" takes visitors on the fantastic journey of water: from the tiny H2O molecule to its transformation into the "Breath of Water" and into the "Jewels from the Sky" up to its captive state in the eternal ice of the Antarctic. This fantastic "travel diary of water" and impressive installations are intended to sharpen and sensitize the visitors' senses for the importance of water, the elixir of life.